Friday, March 10, 2017

Neil Bernstein Security International

High level aesthetic operations since 1976 96Delta Command Neil Bernstein Architect Command-Creative Department of Defense (c)
Top Secret Operations, command and communications since 1976. U.S. ARMY ARTIST Top Secret Crypto-CEOI operations-USAREUR Nuclear Command Schwabisch Gmund & Inneringen West Germany. Pershing 1/41 Nuclear Missile Battalion Top Secret Operations and Communications West Germany, Communications-Operations Chief US Army Corps of Engineers-82nd Engineer Battalion. Recipient of U.S. Army Commendation and Meritorious Service awards. . Independent Security Contractor Philadelphia F.B.I., United States Secret Service, ATF, DFA. International Member Phi Beta Kappa. Co-Owner I. Bernstein Security, Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania. Police licensed Supervisor Of Operations-I. Bernstein Security (Father Irving S.-Pinkerton Security-U.S. Army Intelligence) by Middletown , Bristol , Falls, Upper and Lower Makefield Townships, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Architect-Project Manager Conde Nast Penthouse 1040 Park Ave. , N.Y., N.Y., Grand Central Station , Newark Airport-Terminal C. Licensed New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) Oil Broker -9.11 2001. International Media Spokesman for 9.11, Hurricane Katrina, U.S.-Mexico Border, Hurricane Sandy-FEMA Area 3, New Lincoln Veterans Memorial-DIA.AAA coord.XBB99Z-96Delta Clandestine materials ATOPP 9/11/2001. International Aesthetic Operations. Interface Operations Israel, Bulgaria, South Africa, Mexico, Netherlands, Germany, Italy since 1989.


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